May 31st

5-10PM: Registration (Durham Convention Center)

5PM: Gaming Opens

5:30 PM How to #PRIMPLIFE- Uplifting the community through comics! (Unicorn Lounge)

6PM: A Different World: HBCU Nerds (Unicorn Lounge)

7-10PM: Opening Party ft DJ Awesomus Prime + LAN Party (Party Activation Room)

June 1st

8AM-8PM: Registration + Gaming Opens

9AM: Unicorn Lounge and Urban Anime Lounge Opens

10AM: Vendors Hall Opens

10AM: Opening Talk with Candice & Bryanda of Quirktastic (Main Stage)

10:10AM: Grown A** Self Care For Your Quirky Life (Main Stage)

10:30AM: Nerd Parenting 101 (Main Stage)

11AM: The Art Of Gaming With Momo Pixel and TJ Hughes (Main Stage)

11AM: Color Theory & Cosplay with Kurenai Kiba (Unicorn Lounge)

11:30AM: Life As A Girl Gamer + GAMERS Screener (Main Stage)

11:30AM: Kinks and Curls: the Use of Ethnic Hair in Cosplay (Unicorn Lounge)

12PM: Black In Japan with Cocoa Chronicles (Unicorn Lounge)

12:10PM: Cosplayer Panel with Izzy Saeko, Allie Cat Cosplay, Cin Von Quinzel, Thou Art Anuli & The Last Debutante (Main Stage)

12:40PM: Self Defense for Cosplayers (Main Stage)

1PM: Sailor Scouts & Twist Outs Party with DJ Awesomus Prime (Party Activation Room)

3:30PM: Diary Of An Alt Black Girl with Drew Disaster (Main Stage)

4PM: A Chat With Miles Jai, Hippy Potter and Dev Doe (Main Stage)

5PM: Adorned By Chi’s Pretty Girls Like Anime

6:PM: Girl Gamers Happy Hour with LAN Party

7PM: Vending Closes


9PM: Emo Karaoke

10PM: Anime & Trap Music Party

12AM-2AM: Late Night Cereal & Cartoons

June 2nd

8AM-2PM: Registration

8AM: Gaming Opens

9AM: Unicorn Lounge + Urban Anime Lounge Opens

10AM: Vendors Hall Opens

10AM: Opening Talk With Candice & Bryanda of Quirktastic (Main Stage)

10:10AM: Gaslighting 101 with TaLynn Kel (Main Stage)

10:40AM: All Kinfolk: The Purpose of Nerd Bonding (Main Stage)

11AM: Blackness & K-Pop: Appropriation or Appreciation (Unicorn Lounge)

11:20AM: Samurai Champloo Extended Trailer (Main Stage)

11:30AM: Intro to Kawaii 101 with ipukekawaii (Unicorn Lounge)

11:30AM: Building Community with Black Girls Anime + Getting Animated (Main Stage)

12PM: Anime & Activism with Maadist (Main Stage)

12:20PM: Creating Comics For Women Of Color with Jamila Rowser (Main Stage)

12:30PM: Expressing Your Quirk Self Through Playwriting (Unicorn Lounge)

12:50PM: Comic Girls Kick Ass with Mary Henderson (Main Stage)

1:00PM: K-Pop Kickback + Dance Game Show with Show Me How You Choom and Performance by DJ DANTE (Unicorn Lounge)

1PM: Subs vs Dubs Day Party With Urban Anime Lounge + DJ Awesomus Prime (Party Activation Room)

1:10PM: She Saves The Day with CC The Greek, Nineka Wright and Jay Sutton (Main Stage)

3:30PM: TBD

4PM: Keynote with Kiera Please + Xero No Gravity (Main Stage)

5-7PM: Closing Party with DJ Gemynii (Party Activation Room)